It’s been a long time coming but FINALLY I am upstairs in my bedroom! This has been something that has brought mixed emotions, firstly happiness as I now have my own privacy back, everything is in the same place, so no travelling around rooms downstairs to get what I need, and of course… I now have my own bathroom and shower! A nice, brand new double bed has certainly made the transition a lot more pleasant as well! On the other hand it has brought back memories of my life upstairs before and how things have had to change to suite my new needs.

The reason the transition took a long time was because our floors upstairs were on different levels and had to be levelled out. There was also a debate as to whether to get a platform lift or a stair lift. After many months of debating which to have, we finally got confirmation that a platform lift could be fitted, which was the answer I was personally hoping for!

The first time I went upstairs since the accident my bedroom wasn’t completely finished but the lift engineers wanted to test how the lift worked with me inside it. (Thankfully all went to plan!) I was really keen by this point to see my bedroom for the first time in a long while, it was a surreal feeling, seeing the rooms in my house that I knew so well but I had almost forgotten what they looked like.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 19.36.52

I can safely post this now as I have showered consistently for about two weeks! BUT many of you didn’t know that I actually had no access to a shower for a whole year – Yep! – other than the weekly paddling pool palaver (which wasn’t particularly enjoyable, as you can imagine!) I can now say with full confidence, I shower everyday, and smell amazing! But on a serious note, that was a huge step in my independence especially as everyone who knows me well knows that I love a long shower… So i’m back in my element!

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 19.47.02.png

Onto my double bed, literally! I was in my small single and 1/4 bed downstairs, which was the bed i have slept in since coming home and I heard that my new double had arrived! Finding a bed that suited my needs was an easy process, well, my mum sorted it really! We ended up going for one that had a remote attached to it, and moves similar to a hospital bed but you wouldn’t know at all, which is so nice to go into my room and not see anything medical… for once!

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