Im trying to find something good to write about spasms… but i’m really struggling! Ha! Apart from the occasional spasm chucking me out of my chair, they have hindered my independence with shock spasms sometimes leaving me on the floor. The floor for me at the moment, believe it or not, is not a fun place!

Everyone experiences different spasms, mine are mainly in my legs and hands and happen whilst either stretching or in cold weather. They can go from throwing my whole body forward and my hands curling up to tapping my foot to a beat on my foot plate!

There is medication such as Backlafen or Gabapentin that you can take for this which I am on, however it doesn’t seem to make a difference! At first I was reluctant to take them as the doctor told me that it would relax my muscles, and I thought why would I want to do that!? But eventually the spasms got so bad that I was willing to try anything!

I wanted to write a short post about spasms as they are nothing to worry about really, but you do tend to hope you don’t get them too bad!

 I am now living to learn with my spasms and some actually work to your advantage, one quick example being when i lay down in bed, put my arms above my head and stretch, my knees fold up towards my chest which then helps me undress at night, this would be a harder process without that spasm! So hey, I found a good thing about them at last! it’s all just learning how to adjust with how your body now works.

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