Shout Outs


Shout out to the tough mudder squad who all completed the tough mudder course and raised money for a new wheelchair! Looked pretty easy to me haha, don’t know what they were complaining about! On a serious note they all done amazing and this shoutout isn’t just for doing tough mudder but the support this whole group have given me!

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Shout out to my gorgeous girlfriend and brothers girlfriend who ran the 5k colour run for the RONH, the hospital I was in at the time! Seeing as my girlfriend was smoking 20 a day due the stress I was putting her through and Emily having a-level exams it was amazing gesture and I love em for doing it!

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Shout out the the Sussex’s Beavers Barmy Army running a half marathon for the RFU Injured Players Foundation. I use to train with these and apart from one special monkton we were all puffing after 20 minutes at training on a Monday night so I can’t quite believe they completed a half marathon! Big hand boys, can’t appreciate your efforts enough!

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Shoutout to my friend and old driving instructor, Lucy Hibbard who did a skydive for Aspire Charity! I can’t begin to tell you how much of a fear Lucy has of heights and flying so God knows how she plucked up the courage to jump out of a plane! A massive thank you and well done for raising so much money, I hope to see you soon in Portugal if you can ever get on a plane again!

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Shoutout to the IPF, Injured Players Foundation charity who provide support and help to newly injured rugby players! Firstly a huge thanks for the iPad, the amount of time that killed in hospital when there was nothing else to do with films and Netflix was a massive help! All rugby fans know how expensive and hard to get World Cup tickets were. The IPF sorted loads of tickets out, including the final! Those games were a true highlight of my year and wicked days out! Along with providing support the IPF also provide funding, they confirmed funding for both my bed and new personalised chair for wheelchair rugby. Thank you so much for everything so far and the on going support…

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Shoutout to the Matt Hampson Foundation, Matt himself and the team were involved from the early stages after my injury, not only supporting me but my family members around me also,  who were just as concerned as to what was going to happen next. One of their representatives also named Matt came to visit me at St Georges and really gave direction and a few good stories that helped me at that time. At the foundation they run a “Get Busy Living” campaign which you can see me modelling in this photo!

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2 thoughts on “Shout Outs

  1. Amazing young man I’m so very proud of him. He has a wonderful family and lots and lots of supportive friends. He has achieved a lot in a short space of time and with time on his side I can see this positive and determined young man going a long way. I have known Harry for nearly 3 years and love him and his family, he always brings a smile to everyone’s face when we see him. He has always looked forward and is determined to be independent . I wish him all the very best for the future and it can only get brighter with his determination and positivity. Love you H. Xx


  2. Harry-Boi, you are amazing. Remember the days you used to put me in goal when I was looking after u & jack, the pair of ya used to pound footballs at me left right & centre, falling about laughing the more
    I was getting bruised !!! One day I was gonna get U back but you’ve gone & cheated & lost your feeling, bloody cop out!!! 😜
    So proud of ya kid. XXXX


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